Generate cashflow now! allows you to earn money during the COVID-19 shutdown!

Get paid automatically

Just send customers to your address and they can buy vouchers of any amount.

Increase cashflow

Allow your customers to easily help you through the COVID-19 crisis by buying vouchers now they can use later.

More to come

Based on feedback we will build new features for you!

Your customers can buy vouchers in 3 easy steps!

Visit your page

You invite your customer to visit your custom page where they can freely choose the amount they want to pay for a voucher!

Gather Customer Details

Your customer provides us with their contact details, so you can contact them to send them their voucher.

Pay with their bank account

Your customer can pay with their bank account. No need for 3Dsecure enabled credit cards, complicated Tokens or anything else. Through the magic of SEPA direct debit they can pay with their IBAN number.

Built by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs

We've been in your spot and decided to change something!

The technology behind has been in use at Clement & Weyer Consulting SARL for the last 4 years. During the COVID-19 pandemic we wanted to show our solidarity!

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* We'll only deduct a payment fee of 0,35 € + 1,0% of the amount per successful payment as we need to pay that to our payment services provider ourselves.

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